Profiler – Self Assessment

An in-depth assessment designed to build confidence in how you operate procurement for your public sector agency

Self Assessment helps you to identify whether you are using the best model of procurement for your agency and, through greater understanding, to improve your procurement approach and ensure it is fit for purpose. Self Assessment reports give internal and external stakeholders a level of confidence that your agency is spending in a manner that is principled, achieves best value and compares favorably to other agencies.

You can use the results of your Self Assessment to determine:

  • which out of six models of public procurement you are operating
  • how your model of procurement compares to those used by other public agencies of a similar type, both in the same country and around the world
  • the consequences of the procurement model you are currently operating
  • whether the model you are using is appropriate to achieving your agency’s objectives
  • which other models of public procurement are appropriate for your agency to use
  • an action plan for continuous improvement

The fee-based Self Assessment features 20 themes, which are taken from the four management functions – Plan, Process, Lead and Control – and requires you to identify from a number of statements the ones that best fit your approach.

Access to the online tool is £350 GBP or $533 USD.

Each model of procurement has both positive and negative consequences. Knowing which model your agency is using will help you to improve the way you operate and develop a plan of continuous improvement.

If you have completed your Self Assessment and would like to discuss how you can improve your procurement outcomes for the future, please contact [email protected] for further advice and guidance.