Global public procurement tools and services

The Public Procurement Profiler tools are designed to help agencies around the world to understand and increase the strategic effectiveness of their purchasing functions.

These tools have been developed thorough academic and practitioner research specific to the operations of public sector agencies; research which has been conducted over an extensive period of many years.

  • Public Procurement Profiler – Essentials, a free online exercise which helps your agency to identify whether you are operating an unstructured or structured approach to procurement, and highlights any essential gaps to inform future development
  • Public Procurement Profiler – Self Assessment, a tool that goes into greater depth than the Essentials tool, establishing which model you are operating and the consequences of that for your organization, and helping you to identify the steps you can take to enhance the way you are procuring

The CIPS/NIGP Partnership fully supports organizations seeking to achieve world-class procurement through process excellence and people development. For more information on how the Partnership can support your agency, please contact [email protected].